Smarty Pay utility token

First launched in July 2021, SPY Token is a Defi & Cefi token which is expected to be the pioneer of the growth of a new innovation from the 3rd generation of Cryptocurrency.

Armed with work experience, thoughts, and market observations, I came up to develop a harmonization and collaboration of Linear fiat gateway transactions from crypto gateways.

The vision started from thoughts, concepts and observations that showed a gap between Fiat Gateway and Crypto Gateway. Innovation and hope give me a new strength, to create a collaboration and harmonization of transactions in this world.

The concept of thinking can be considered anti-mainstream, and that is the basis for this conceptual amalgamation. I do hope that SPY will be at the forefront of incorporating 3rd generation cryptocurrencies and will set a new history.

(continued on part 2)

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Man with Vision. Founder & CEO of Smarty Indonesia. Currently known as the architect of SPY (SmartyPay), a promising crypto token with real underline project.